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Donna Hilgers earns her CCBIA from the ICBA
A well-crafted estate plan is on of the keys of financial success.
At Star Bank, we believe that having a well-crafted estate plan is one of the keys to financial success.
3 Tips from Sharon Richter, AVP & Branch Operations Manager
3 Tips from Sharon Richter, AVP & Branch Operations Manager 
You can still hit your summer budget and savings goals - let us help!
We are excited to present our brand new website, designed with you in mind.
We're taking the banking experience to the next level with our redesigned website and new .bank domain!
Congratulations, Class of 2023!
Graduation season is here and we are celebrating the academic achievements of our young people as they venture off into their next chapter of life.
Star Bank is proud to educate and help customers and community members become financially savvy individuals and business people.
Community banks serve the needs of their communities all year long, and in April we shine a little brighter because the month of April is Community Banking Month!
March is Women's History Month and we have a lot of amazing women bankers to celebrate here at Star Bank!