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Unlock the potential, embrace the possibilities, and build your future on solid ground!

Whether you're planning to build your dream home, invest in property, or create a legacy for generations to come, a Star Bank Land and Lot Loan provides the financial foundation you need. We can help you secure that

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Land and Lot Loan FAQs:

What's the difference between a Land and Lot Loan and a Construction Loan?
  • You've found the perfect slice of land, but you're not quite ready to build or finance a home. You don't have to miss out on your ideal piece of land! A Star Bank Land and Lot Loan is the perfect solution.
  • On the other hand, a Construction Loan is intended for customers who are ready to jump into their build project right away and have everything planned and ready to go.

Speak with a Star Bank lender about which option is best for you. 

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What can I use a Lot or Land Loan to purchase?
  • Our Land and Lot Loans cover a wide range of land types and purposes including:
    • Developed or underdeveloped land
    • Primary Residence
    • Secondary Residence
    • Agricultural Land
Is it difficult to get a Lot or Land Loan?
  • No, getting a Lot or Land Loan doesn't have to be hard. However, because these types of loans are riskier than a traditional mortgage, the borrowing requirements may be different. Speak with your local Star Bank lender about how to get started.
What if I already own the land? Can I still apply for the loan?
  • Yes, our Land and Lot Loans can be used for refinancing existing land purchases as well.