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Raye Ludovissie

Vice President & Branch Manager
Raye Ludovissie
Phone Number
Specializes In
  • Mortgage
  • Home Equity
  • Commercial Lending
  • Agriculture Lending
  • Small Business Lending

With a wit as sharp as a knife and a mind as creative as an artist’s brush, Raye Ludovissie brings a unique perspective and flair to the banking world. Joining the Star Bank family in 2010, Raye’s journey began as a consumer lender and teller. Today, Raye serves as our Vice President at our Verndale office holding a wide range of responsibilities including real estate, construction, commercial, and agricultural lending, while also spearheading business development in the area.

There is no typical day at work for Raye, as he’s always meeting with different customers at the bank, in their homes, or out at their business. Armed with information, Raye meticulously analyzes the data and works from every angle to find the best solution for his customers. A skilled devil’s advocate, Raye always ensures that no stone is left unturned and that all customer needs are met upfront. Engaging in discussions about farms and businesses is where Raye truly shines, taking in his customer’s passions and being a part of their financial journey.

Nothing brings Raye more joy than witnessing others’ success. He’s proud to have supported a number of local thriving businesses and farms since their inception. Transparency and integrity are Raye’s guiding lights, ensuring every customer is fully aware of the intricacies of their financial endeavors. Raye diligently guides customers toward the best possible solution for their situation and for their future.

Beyond the world of banking, you can find Raye basking in his competitive nature through his love of all sports. He’s been a coach for different local football and basketball teams. Raye’s dedication and sportsman-like spirit extend to the community, where he served as Mayor of Verndale for eight years and actively participates in various community boards. 

His community involvement doesn’t stop there. He also contributes to the Verndale Astera committee, serves as the chair of the Verndale Economic Committee, and leads the Wadena County Economic Board.

And did you know? Raye once harbored dreams of becoming an artist. He pursued his passion by attending art school but soon discovered his true calling lay in the world of community banking. Though his brushes may now be pens and his canvas a spreadsheet, Raye’s creativity and dedication still leave an indelible mark on every customer interaction. With Raye on your side, you’ll experience banking that is personalized, transparent, and driven by a passion for your success.